Stylish Summer Wear

Either going to watch movie or going to shopping the girls are love to wear capris and shorts rather than jeans. According to girls Capris and Shorts are the comfortable dresses to wear in summers. This is the reason that demands of capris and shorts belong to local or to any brand have increased in these summers. In every summer the demand for capris and shorts has increased. In these days’ shorts, leggings, capris, jeggings, and harem pants in the market. Thick material jeggings are in trend with shorts and harem pants. These jeggings are formed with soft fabrics and combination of leggings and jeans. This can be used with stylish kurti. This will give a party wear dress look. The simple leggings and jeans in capris are still in fashion. In shopping corners, malls and parties the girls are wearing capris and shorts. These wears are available in variety of colors, designs and materials. These wears are available in budget range and easily available in market. The demand of cotton check shirts is very high in girls. You can see the girls in capris and shorts in the college campus. Cool color shorts can be used with any top. This will give a new and stylish look. The hosiery capris are also in trend. These dresses look amazing in flower print, cartoon, polka dots. All these dresses come in the range of 150 rupees to 500 rupees according to Indian currency. Not only this in summer season you should choose the fashion accessories according the weather. The selection of accessories includes sandals, purse and sunglasses. With the arrival of summer season these accessories available with a great range in the market. Do not use packed sandals or shoes for your feet in summer season. Selection of open footwear accessories can make you free from the problem of sweating. Traps, flat open sandals, plain sleeper of jutes can be used with capris. With the white color combination of colorful sandal makes a perfect match. Avoid dark and black color because these colors absorb the UV rays and give heat to body. In the sunglasses, the fashion of 70s has come back. In summer seasons you can find huge varieties of sunglasses. Not only single but double frames are also in trend. You can choose the hair style according to summer season. You can choose bob cut in summer according to look. This hair style suits many faces. This cut is not for any age bar. This will give a new and stylish look to your face. If your hair is of medium length, you can select the pony tail. This hair style is a trend forever. To make a good look in pony tail you can pin a good and stylish pony tail holder in your pony tail. If you are in job and have no time to give a proper time to your hair then you can use fringe cut hair style. This hair style is easy to manage and do not require much time. Source: Medley News

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