The Path to Longevity, No Fancy Equipment Needed

By Paul Ebeling:Being optimistic and engaged is Key.

The Big Q: Want to increase your odds of living to celebrate your 100th birthday, and beyond?

The Big A: Train your body to gain a sense of peace, and healthy living.

A new book details a handful of simple physical, mental, and spiritual maneuvers throughout the day that can 2X our life expectancy and increase your changes living to 120 anni.

That is the solution offered by renowned philosopher and educator Ilchi Lee in his new book.

“Planning for a fulfilling old age should be as normal as planning a career path or contributing to a retirement fund,” says Ilchi Lee, 67 anni, a New York Times best-selling author and creator of many mind-body training methods whose latest book, “I’ve Decided to Live 120 Years,” offers the Path to longevity.

Mr. Lee maintains that too many people don’t have goals or planned activities for their 70’s, 80’s, or beyond. From his early youth in SKorea, he has worked to train his body to gain a sense of peace, and healthy living.

“I’ve made a clear, unwavering decision that I will live to 120 years of age,” Mr. Lee says.

Although he emphasizes that he does not know when his final day of life will come, he believes such a life is possible because people are now living longer than ever before.

Mr. Lee notes that a 2015 United Nations study revealed that there were some 500,000 people over the age of 100 anni throughout the world.

“That’s a 4-fold increase from 20 years ago, and it is predicted that the number will increase even more rapidly in the future,” says Mr. Lee noting his own father died at age 94.

For people reaching their middle years, the Key elements to living a long, productive life revolve around body, mind, and spirit, staying physically active, finding a purpose no matter how late in life, and connecting with nature for fulfillment and a feeling of unity with the divine or the universe “to feel what is going on inside us.”
Dr. Reed Tuckson, a leading voice on healthcare issues and spokesman for Mr. Lee’s book, says he uses it “as part of my own personal journey.”

People should not necessarily look at health as absence of disease, but as physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, he adds.

“In Ilchi Lee’s book, he tries to motivate us and provide tips on those three aspects,” explains Tuckson, founder of Tuckson Health Connections and advisory committee member of the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health at the National Institutes of Health.

Physical activity does not have to be viewed as strenuous or painful. Some people are even put off by exercise because of expensive gym memberships or fancy equipment needed.

One of Mr. Lee’s unique alternatives is doing 1-minute exercises every hour, such as hand exercises while sitting down, just waving your hands in the air, moving around, doing jumping jacks, taking the stairs now and then, or doing a few push-ups against the sink.

“That makes exercise become a normal part of my life and it’s also a fun thing to do,” Dr. Tuckson explains.

Simple walking can also be instrumental as meditation and prayer for mental and spiritual activity.

“Walking is a fabulous exercise and very simple to do, and returns great benefits,” Dr. Tuckson says, adding that Lee takes it another step further by using walking “to calm the mind and focus on deeper meaning in ourselves and relationship to the divine.”

Those peaceful moments lead to defining a new purpose in life so you are not bogged down by regrets of the past and can look at life as always moving forward.

“We really need to focus back on the larger issues, internal issues, our spiritual life, and our relationship to our creator and other entities. Then we notice a peacefulness, a calmness, and that is a state most of us would rather be in,” Dr. Tuckson notes.

He adds that connecting the body, mind, and spirit helps unlock our sense of purpose “to the world around us and the people in that world, and translate our good intentions into action.”

Improving physical, mental, and spiritual health gets people more involved in activities with family, neighbors, and friends to help transform the whole community.

“One thing I enjoy now in my 60’s, I now think about having a whole other life. All of a sudden, I’m feeling more optimistic and engaged,” Dr. Tuckson adds.

And eat Real food.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively Source: Live Trading News
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The Health Benefits of Eating Beets

By Paul Ebeling : “ Beets are rich in nutrients that boost brain health, especially antioxidant flavonoids that protect the brain from age-related oxidative stress,” notes Dr. Gary Small, director of the UCLA Longevity Center and author of The Mind Health Report newsletter.

Below is a rundown on what the latest studies show about how the red root vegetable may help combat a variety of health conditions, as follows:

Anti-aging: According to several studies by Oxford Brooks University in the UK researchers and others, beet juice, more than any other vegetable beverage helps protect against oxidative stress damage to DNA, linked to aging.

Helps brains work better: Researchers at Wake Forest University in Winton-Salem, NC found beet juice supplements boosted the brain function of 26 sedentary men and women with high blood pressure. When taken before exercise, participants’ brains performed better, acting more like younger brains, than individuals who took an inactive placebo.

Lowers blood pressure: Beets are rich in dietary nitrate, which widens blood vessels, and allows blood to flow more easily through the body. This is why multiple studies, including one published in the American Heart Association’s journal Hypertension, have found beet juice is a powerful aid in lowering blood pressure. Researchers found that drinking 8 ounces of beet juice daily lowered blood pressure by 10 mm Hg. In fact, people on hypertension medication may want to check with their doctor before using beet juice for this purpose, to make sure they don’t experience a low blood pressure dip, the researchers warned.

Improves quality of life for heart failure patients: Taking beet supplements may increase the ability of people with congestive heart failure to exercise, which can improve quality of life, new researchfinds. The Indiana University study examined the effect of the supplements in whose hearts do not pump strongly enough. Those taking the supplements had significant increases in exercise duration and peak oxygen uptake while exercising, the study found.

Boosts exercise endurance: The power of beets to boost exercise endurance is not limited to people with heart failure. A small study by researchers at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem, NC, found that beet supplements enabled healthy people to perform aerobic exercise better.

Prevents cancer: A study published in the Journal of Complementary & Integrative Medicine found that, when beetroot extract was added to the drinking water of animals in laboratory studies, tumor growth was reduced pancreatic, breast and prostate cancer cells.

Improves eye health: It is not just beets and beet juice that are beneficial; beet greens are rich in the carotenoid lutein, which helps protect against cataracts and age-related macular degeneration, the leading causes of blindness in the US, the American Optometric Association says.

While beets, beet juice, and beet greens are generally considered safe, they are high in dietary oxalates. As a result, if you are susceptible to kidney stones or gout, you may want to check with your doctor 1st before consuming them.

Also be aware that beet and beet juice consumption may stain your urine, or stool, red, which can be easily mistaken for blood.

To add more beets to your diet, nutritionist Vicki Shanta Retelny, author of “Total Body Diet for Dummies,” offers the following tips:
  • Chop beets and add to mixed green salads
  • When making pesto, substitute beetroot leaves for basil
  • Mix cubed beets into tuna, crab, or chicken salads
  • Puree beets into soup. (Borscht is soup made from beets)
  • Sauté diced beets into a veggie hash and serve with eggs
  • Puree beets into smoothies
  • Freeze beet juice into molds for popsicles
  • Roast beets with other root veggies with a hint of oil, rosemary, and garlic
  • Pile sliced beets into a sandwich with hummus, turkey breast, and lettuce
  • Cut beets into coleslaw by combining with green cabbage and carrots with light vinaigrette dressing
  • Puree beets and blend them into muffin and brownie batter
Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively Source: Live Trading News
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