Travel Beauty Tips

Makeup Spot:  Now a days security checks at the airports received stringent that many of us are tempted, you do not take anything with us, and only shop for everything you need when we get there. But there is one thing that will go with us, whether we like it or not, our makeup! Who wants to know already on a plane for several hours, they will never be able to get refresh their lipstick? Forget it. Keep it small and keep only a few Airline regulations allow you to carry one personal item on board a plane, plus a bag of size-liter clear plastic liquid inside. Do not think you have the huge bottle of hair spray in your pocket - the airline rules slightly larger than 3.4 ounces. Whole is greater than it has to be packed with your luggage and you know what that means. You will not be fixing your hair or make-up, until you land, and (hopefully) released luggage. Prelude Creative Commons License photo credit: fix pic Keep your solid objects in your purse. Things like lipstick, face powder and red very well. Buy travel size bottles of liquid foundation and perfume, but here's a tip: Go with the smell, until you land. The planes are small and crammed with people. Three hundred different flavors is adapted to high altitude, all make you sick.Travel size bottles of hair spray are common, too. Lotions and creams and cleanser acne will have to follow the rules and regulations airport. If they do not fit into the suitcase to catch the boat. Keep It Simple When travelling, take the opportunity to shed light on the makeup to go. Stick with a nice lip gloss, blush and a few coats of mascara. Wash your hair and style easy. Do not forget to tease or curling. The thinner atmosphere often plays havoc hair anyway. Unleash tie and fluid, and a colourful scarf around her. If you're flying coach, forget the ponytail. It goes crazy rubbing against the back of the seat. Airlines allow the liquid to the rule only if you have a medical condition, and since no one has ever heard of not able to apply concealer (ie we know) you have to be patient died. Wear a nice pair of glasses to clean shaded color appearance a little more and give you shiny earrings. You will end up soon ... and look fabulous in doing so Source: Makeup Spot

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