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Naturopathy - the process of healing through Nature – based on four focal points - right living, right eating, right breathing and right exercises is gaining ground as it treats by applying physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, mud therapy and colour therapy depending on the ailment and nature of the disease, Naga Sundari: Who knows the art of healthy living better than our body? Is it not a sound diagnostic centre? A natural Sanjeevani for many diseases? Few of us realise this, but Naturopathy experts advocate that our body is our power centre, our energy bank and reliever of toxins. It is a big storage system for unique immune qualities. More than that, it is potential disease preventer also. From acute ailments such as physiological, psychological, and mental and lifestyle disorders to general fevers, naturopathy can do wonders without having any side effects… More than that medicinally nature and human body are embodied together and produce good results without a small incision in the body. Naturopathy is a unique therapeutic treatment in which medications and surgical treatments are shunned. One can get natural treatments for almost all diseases. The ailments such as obesity, gastroenteritis, anemia, gynecology problems, skin diseases, spinal disorders, pulmonary problems, muscular disorders, drug and alcohol addiction, migraine headaches… all can be treated by cleansing internal system of body. Sunlight, fresh air, pure drinking water, cleanliness are some which will make sure proper health and prevent many diseases. According to experts, the healing power in leaves and herbs are plenty. Cleaning methods and therapies  In naturopathy, the cure for diseases is based on four focal points - right living, right eating, right breathing and right exercises. In the process, nature cure experts apply physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, mud therapy and colour therapy services on patients’ depending upon their body and disease conditions. With the help of therapeutic treatments, doctors first activate the prime eliminative organs in patients’ body such as lungs, kidneys, large intestines and skin and release the toxins accumulated in their body. The patient’s complete involvement, cooperation and initiation are crucial here. That is why before administering the nature cure treatment on patients, doctors first educate the clients about their health and disease problems. Regular detoxification draws good results: If toxins are not flushed out effectively out of the body the whole internal system of our body turns inactive and inflicts it with serious diseases. That is why nature cure therapists focus more on eliminative organs in our body. And another interesting thing is the procedural approaches of naturopathy are universal to every patient with whatever ailment he or she is suffering from. “In all acute diseases where suppression takes place, it finally results in chronic disease including heart problems, cancer etc…” experts say. Naturopathy gives importance to the natural healing process. That is why it starts giving patients vitamins, nutritional supplements etc. Herbs are also used for treatments. Besides all these, the nature cure specialists suggested that food and physical exercises would be more supportive for the natural healing process. “Except children, all age groups approach us. In Government Nature Cure Hospital, Ameerpet, Hyderabad, we do not have maternity care and labour facility but we give services of hydro therapy, colour therapy, mud therapy and massage therapy besides yoga/exercises. All the therapies stimulate the internal system of body and its wellness. Hydro therapy, for instance, activates the body; chromo therapy invokes the colour vibrancy of the system. Whichever colour deficiency you have in your body, it can be restored by focusing patient to sun rays. For e.g. Excess red indicates the hyperactive nature of the patient. So we neutralise it by applying blue. To administer this treatment we use chromo-thermoleum machine. While giving chromo treatment, we serve chromo diet to the patient. The diet depends upon the day and night timing. Colour charged oils are also available. For sleep disorders among elders and for patients suffered from psychological problems, we apply chromo therapy. When it comes to yoga, there is great bondage between yoga and nature cure. Yoga believes body is powerful. Naturopathy also believes in the same philosophy. The blend of yoga and nature cure will derive wonders in regard to health. The Shutkriya in yoga is nothing but cleansing the body. Mud therapy also does wonders for therapeutic treatments. It relieves from joint pains and abdominal disorders. The treatment procedures are altered from person to person though the methodologies followed are same” says Dr Satya Lakshmi, Government Nature Cure Hospital, Ameerpet. Diseases cured by nature cure therapies: Colour therapy: The rays of the sun improve digestion, nutrition, blood and lymph circulation, and increase the elimination of impurities through the skin. Mud therapy: Stomach pain, arthritis, skin diseases, conjunctivitis, glaucoma and headaches will be cured by mud therapy. Application of the pack on the eyes cures conjunctivitis. It prevents hemorrhages in the eye-ball, itching, allergy, errors of refractions such as short sight and long sight. Hydrotherapy: Hydrotherapy stimulates the endorphins which in turn help in controlling pain and remove tension. Regular detoxification leads to a stronger immune system which powerfully controls viruses, bacteria and infections. Yoga therapy: It boosts up metabolic function, cardiovascular, respiratory, endocrine, and musculoskeletal systems and cures the ailments like anemia, asthma, back pain, diabetes, depression, gastritis, obesity and osteoarthritis etc. Massage therapy: It helps in toning up the body and cleans the skin pores and improves the skin activity. It also stimulates the millions of nerve endings that are located in the skin. What Naturopathy involves: Regulation of diet is first and foremost step to cure diseases. This helps to get rid of accumulated toxins from patient’s body. It brings equilibrium of the internal system. Excludes acid-forming foods besides proteins, starches and fats for some days and advice a fruits-only diet for detoxifying the stomach. Listening to the body. Loss of appetite is nature’s warning. No burden should be thrown upon digestive organs. Activating the internal vitality of human body and cleansing it is of significance. It is for this purpose that experts apply hydrotherapy in various ways at varying temperatures in the form of packs or baths. Hydrotherapy retrieves the diseases of abdomen, stimulates the nervous system and reduces the fevers, pains and inflammation. Massages, sun baths and exercises are also administered for curing many ailments. Massages will tone up nervous system and improves respiration and removes off toxins from the body through the various eliminative organs such as lungs, intestine, skin and kidneys. Yoga and nature cure are inseparable. According to experts of nature cure “Yogasanas will be more helpful to cure many diseases and restores the equilibrium of the system of body Colour or chromo therapy plays predominant role in curing many diseases. The lack of particular colour in the human system can cause ailments. Clay therapy gives cooling effect and cleansing the body. Source: The Hans India, Image: flickr.com

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