Eco-friendly Fashion is in trend

In these days, youth are crazy to try the eco-friendly fashion either they are going to shop fabrics or accessories. It becomes a new fashion trend if we carefully watch the shopping trends of youths. The fashion designers are also designing the eco friendly products as they know the trend is becoming popular in the market. The young girls prefer to purchase jewelry of bamboo, fabrics, joot and stone. These are not only inexpensive but also give a stylish look. In these days, bamboo, fabrics, joot and stone formed necklaces, ear-rings, bangles, hairclips and ring are becoming popular in the market. This jewelry can be used with any dress. Such types of jewelry can be designed by women at home also. No only eco-friendly dresses and jewelry but eco friendly accessories are also becoming popular in the market. The wooden bracelets, ear-rings, necklace are becoming the first preference of youth. The footwear of joot is also liked by the youth most. To protect the environment from the harm of polythene, youths have started to use paper bags that are more eco-friendly than polythene. Although the government also has banned the use of polythene bags, but youths and common people helped a lot to make this mission successful. What is green fashion: Green fashion is not a trend of green colors but it means a trend of eco-friendly or organic fashion. Today it is very necessary to use such a fashion, if we want to protect our environment. ‘Going back to nature’ is demand of today’s environment and to lead in this way everyone is trying to find the new ideas and concept to implement eco-friendly trend. Eco fashion fiber yarn, textile, printing, drawing, finishing all these process are bonded with nature in some way. The people have started to use natural fiber, cotton fiber, linen, joot and flex instead of artificial fiber. Jewelry Accessories: In these days, you can find huge varieties of joot, paper, natural fibers, silk and wood formed dresses and accessories in the market. So many experiments are going to design these natural color fashion trends. Youth are crazy about this eco-friendly trend. These are not only comfortable but also give a feeling of style statement. Feeling of environment protection: According to fashion designer Swati Soni, there are so many concepts in eco-friendly. The main concept of using eco-friendly fashion is to make people aware against the harms of polythene and other harmful elements. To protect environment and for Global Warming, the messages like ‘Save Environment’, ‘Grow Trees’, ‘Save Water’, ‘Save Earth’ etc. are printed by using a vegetable print technology. The main advantage of this technology is that this is not harmful for body thus we can say that vegetable print technology is also a part of ecofriendly fashion. Many of the fabrics are available in natural stuff. Pure cosa and pure cotton are the best examples of natural fabrics. We can implement the eco-friendly concept by choosing the eco-friendly colors. To wear green colors cloths, floral prints etc. are the good tools to implement the eco-friendly concept.  Source: Medley NewsImage:

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