Set your priorities Working women

Portrait of a young business woman at office
A working woman has suffered from many problems like attending the ceremonies of family, to take care of children and many other responsibilities. This article is for such women who are in working and suffering from such problems: Set the tasks according to priority: Either you are in office or in home set the priorities of the tasks. Maintain a diary for office works. Write all the tasks in the diary along with time to finish that task. Also make plan in your mind how to complete that task in time. At home set the priorities on holiday which work is more important. It is important that do the shopping for kids, attending the ceremony of a relative or call a mechanic for maintenance of electricity. Sometimes all the schedule is set and some other important job come to your door. Do not get panic. Be cool and calm and think what to do first very calmly. Divide the responsibilities It is an estimation that a working woman works for 14 – 18 hours per day. In regular schedule, this can cause stress to a woman. Take help of other family member at home. Appoint a kitchen maid for providing kitchen services. Prepare the children with habit of self service. It is not necessary that a woman always take leave when the children have fever or examinations. Ask your husband too take leave someday. Keep your profession separate from house panics Your children are not feeling well or they are appearing in examinations. Do not make such excuses in the office for coming late. These all the problems are for your house. Do not inter mix these issues with office work. Do not engage yourself in gossips. Give attention to your work only. Office is a placae to work not a park to gossip. Source: Medley NewsSource:

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