Trend of Thread Jewelry

Medley News: Thread jewelry is another name of using thread in the form of jewelry. This is an antique art of India. It features of antiqueness make it different and unique from others. It is a wonderful art. This homemade art is touching the new achievements in the market. These are designed with hands of genius artists. They devote their full dedication to design the thread jewelry. By using thread, thread is converting into the different shapes like purse, key rings, wall hangings, lampshades etc. All these items become the center of attraction of every eye because of its splendid beauty. The thread jewelry concept is not a small but it is a big area. So many practical are implemented in the field of thread jewelry. Thread jewelry includes necklace, mangalsutra necklace, earrings, bracelets, rings etc. Most of the women prefer to use thread instead of gold or silver chains for their expensive jewelry of necklace, mangalsutra etc. These come under your budget and you can design them in different varieties according to your choice. You can use a many pendants with different threads. These are durable and user friendly. For jewelry mostly cotton thread or silk thread are used. Different types and different colors of thread are used. They are assembled in same size, length, and thickness. Then they are assembled with the different jewelry products to give a proper form. You can give a new shape to simple bracelet and earrings. To increase the beauty of jewels by using threads is in trend. In India, the threads have considered as a part and parcel of traditions and custom. Threads are sign of purity. Either you are going to temple for prey or wishing something from God, these threads are with you at every moment. These threads are not a bond of faith between a man and God but also tie the relations in strong bond. The festival of Raksha Bandhan is the best example of this. The festival is based on the importance of thread. Malwa region of the India is attached with the tradition of threads from a very past time. A tribe is found in this region known as Patwa. Patwa are known for giving beautiful shapes to the threads. They are specialized in formation of items created by threads. The shapes created by them give a pause to your eyes and there are no words to explain the art of their hands.The trend of thread jewelry is not only a choice of women but men also are impressed by this jewelry. The men like thread jewelry in the form of locket and wrist bands. This gives a unique style to their look. The locket assembled in finely shaped thread is the choice of youths these days. These products are come in different size and different varieties. They look very attractive.These are used mostly with ethnic or traditional dresses. These give a heavy look to dress as well as your personality. The artist has promoted this art by making new experiments according to the choice of people. These are becoming a demanding items in the foreign also. Source: Medley NewsSource:

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