Working women in urban India put career ahead of motherhood

New Delhi, Working women in urban areas give precedence to their career and professional ambitions over plans to start a family, a study said today. The survey was conducted on about 1,200 married, young working women and home makers in cities like Ahmedabad, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Pune. Over half of married women in the aforesaid centres said they have shelved plans to start a family as career advancement and higher-education is their priority and cannot sacrifice the same to raise kids. About 200 respondents from the working women category said they have put off their plans to have a baby as it would disfigure their physical appearance. "Ambitious working women in India are not willing to give up their career for the sake of family as they are apprehensive about dealing with stress," said Secretary General D S Rawat while releasing the study. Nearly 65 out of total 150 working women interviewed in Delhi said they are deliberately avoiding to begin a family. Though, 100 out of 150 working women in Mumbai and 80 in Bangalore said they are averse to having a baby for the time being as their respective career is primary for them. Off the 800 stay-at-home moms interviewed, about 25 per cent said they regret not being able to work as they are less educated. Of these about 80 said they regret motherhood as they have lost their social identity. Source: Indian Express

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