Da Vinci’s last painting discovered in Scottish farmhouse

Fragment of the cover of “Da Vinci's Last Commission: The Most Sensational Detective Story in the History of Art” by Fiona McLaren
A painting believed to be the last work by Leonardo da Vinci has been discovered in Scotland. The owner almost threw the old painting away, but money issues forced her to contact auctioneers. Fiona McLaren, 59, arranged a meeting with the Scottish director of Sotheby's Harry Robertson to value the picture, The People newspaper reports. "I showed it to him and he was staggered, speechless save for a sigh of exclamation,” Fiona told the newspaper. Old masters’ art experts are intrigued. Some believe the work is from the school of Leonardo and dates to the 16th century, others concede Da Vinci might have had a hand in it. “Experts have confirmed Leonardo at least did the under drawing,” Fiona McLaren said. She inherited the painting from her doctor father who received it from one of his patients. For 40 years the possible Renaissance marvel hung in the family’s London home before Fiona and her mother moved to Scotland. The painting might be 500 years old and worth millions, got covered with small stains of white emulsion paint when the McLaren house was redecorated. An examination of the painting will take place at the University of Cambridge's Hamilton Kerr Institute where experts will date and attribute the artwork. "Every time I thought to myself, 'This cannot be right,' I found more evidence that proved it was…I'm convinced without a doubt that it is a genuine Leonardo," McLaren says. Thrilled with possibility of holding Da Vinci’s masterpiece, Fiona McLaren has written a book “Da Vinci's Last Commission: The Most Sensational Detective Story in the History of Art”. Leonardo Da Vinci is widely regarded as one of the greatest artists and the greatest minds of all time. Source: SAM Daily Times

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