How to get Madonna's outrageously fit body

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Madonna celebrates her 54th birthday on Thursday, August 16. How does the Hard Candy gym owning-pop star-film director keep her famous physique svelte through the ages? Sheer dedication and willingness to mix up the routine - from Zumba to running to barre workouts. If you're inspired to get gams like Madge, fitness blog FitSugar offered up a few of the star's health and fitness secrets: All things Anderson - Both Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow can thank celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson's dance workout technique for their respective six packs. "Madge broke up with Tracy after a few years, but you can still try out Madonna's Tracy Anderson-approved workout," writes FitSugar. Coocoo for coconut water - Just like fellow pop icon Lady Gaga, Madonna invested in Vita Coco after drinking fresh coconut water which contains replenishing electrolytes - during her Sticky & Sweet tour. Urban cycling - In London, FitSugar claims that Madonna is cycling around town and even biking to the gym as a cardio warmup. Le barre - Apparently, the past few years, Madonna has been in love with workouts devised by her latest trainer, Sadie Lincoln, founder of barre3, which is a ballet-inspired workout that also combines elements of yoga and Pilates. Macrobiotic devotee - The pop star reportedly eats a primarily macrobiotic diet, as designed by her personal chef Mayumi Nishimura. Her latest cookbook, Mayumi's Kitchen: Macrobiotic Cooking for Body and Soul, includes 130 Madonna-approved recipes. Source: Hindustan Times

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