Would you wear a giant animal tail in the name of fashion?

If you happen to spot a giant squirrel tail coming out of someone's jeans in the near future, fear not. She isn't a mutant. She's a trendsetter. Japanese street wear retailer “Kigu” is bringing life-sized animal and dinosaur tails to the masses. TellTails are a new line of wearable animal tails sold in the U.K. and by Kigu. Adventurous dressers can choose from a variety of hyper-realistic tails in models such as Lizard, Squirrel, Dinosaur, Lion, Lemur and Fox. Or rather, they could, before many of the models sold out. "We believe that everyone has a tail in them just waiting to be wagged, a residual longing not quite expelled from the evolutionary process," referencing the theories of Charles Darwin in their explanation” and become purveyors of the finest handmade tails for Bipeds."Source: Sam Daily Times

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