26 Foot Tall Statue of Marilyn Monroe Unveiled

In Chicago's Pioneer Court, there was 26ft (8 m) tall statue of Marilyn Monroe. The author captures the composition her iconic 'wind from the subway' pose, the most famous scene from the movie 'Seven years of  Desire', after which the Hollywood actress became known as the $ex symbol of the era. As in the film, Chicago is on the Monroe metro ventilation lattice, and her dress as if fanning the air flow. Residents joke  that Chicago until  the spring of 2012. Many in the crowd that descended on the plaza throughout the day - including a tuxedo-clad  wedding party - wasted little time positioning themselves under the movie star’s 
dress  to catch a subway-level view and take pictures with their cellphone cameras. Not that Monroe, her eyes  now they have the opportunity to look under the dress of the famous actress. The sculpture will 
stand in closed and a sublime smile on her face, seemed to notice. Some of those who took pictures of the sculpture  called 'Forever Marilyn' were surprised when they came around the side and back of the
sculpture and saw honest-to-goodness lace panties on the movie icon. The film scene and photographs taken from it left much more to the imagination than artist Seward Johnson’s sculpture. Source: icePice

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