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Every positive or negative development needs too much time to reach a level of maximization and both are having its own diversity. What do we need? Answer is "control or adjustment" with schedule to craft us psychically or mentally strong. An over weight person is full of fat with his bound extra energy if he will understand the value of his fat then he can be like any thing. As same as a very slim person with less require energy or a well built person with a shape of balance energy but they all have
their own challenge to meet with a level of their liking. What has to be the next step? This called a progression of the best form as per every bodies liking or a conversion of bound energy in unbound style, generation of extra energy or ambition to gain utmost energy by an extra effort of Physical exercise, Yoga, cycling, jogging, walking, dips, weight lifting, swimming, all required parameters of a gymnasium, sport and very importantly place exercise / yoga between your work. All these will make you fit; relax cool, composed and so many disease won't like to see your home address. 
Scheduling the day is Very important to manage the basics of living like timing of wake up, refreshment, morning tea, exercise, break fast, lunch, dinner with respect to work and its timing. Weight can be reduced by two ways 1st dieting, 2nd exercise or the combination of both "A science research is also measured that when body won't find the require Contents of food then it starts to eat its own fat, means fat can convert by dieting (you can take the example of so many Jain religious people those used to live without food for several days or months for their worshiping but they stay live Very
fit, Doctor used to apply the technique of reducing stomach (Amashaya) up to 80% it's also a form of dieting) or very productive exercise which covers all the part of body can burn fat rapidly If the range of exercise will robust then it starts to convert fat with heavy Muscular shape you can take the example of so many wrestlers and their dieting Schedule and the way they used to consumed their daily routine extra take by very heavy exercise. So it's simple when the combinations of dieting and exercise will come together then Chances of reducing the fat would on higher side. Proper minerals, vitamin, protein takes (in the shape of fruit, high fiber diet or Branded
organic tablets) are Essential for dieting, heavy exercise or for both, Before applying any dietary or exercise schedule first you have to calculate your body mass index and consult with a certified fitness trainer or from a doctor for daily calorie burning needs, daily food intake with specific exercise schedule as every age group and gender has its own limitations. Then you will able to calculate the need of daily exercise with specific foods take on your Finger tips Suppose you have taken bit higher food with respects to your daily need then you can go for more work out then your body will automatically tell you that your intake is consumed properly. Exercise can be like these (1) Speedy
Morning Walk: 30 minutes (If you feel bore to do so then speak your Religious Mantra or any song of your inspiration in your mind along with walk. (2) Psychical Exercise: 25 minutes (Do it with every part of your exercise like -: head, neck, Shoulders, chest, stomach , waist, back, hips, legs etc.) In the shape of dips, weight lifting or you can follow amazing “Baba ram dev”.(3) Reverse Exercise: – 5 minutes -: lastly you can go for some crucial reverse (Opposite) exercise especially for Waist, back (over body is just like a spring if it will move on one side continuously then we can find sting so reverse Exercise makes body in normal shape). (4) Time
. ..
Management: timing is the most important issue with any exercise schedule, Try to be productive day by day, means you have to reduce your time of your assign work out agenda for the best result. Crucial Points: (a) When we eat something then we should go for 2 to 10 minutes walk whatever the place we would be by doing this we can save our self from several health problems. (b) After doing 2 to 5 hours work if any body go for 2 to 3 breath control Yoga just for 5 Minutes then he can find himself fully fresh and energy fully for coming working hours because here Yoga is just like a reverse exercise which compose your body in Standard form. Every body knows that 1ST happiness comes from disease less healthy body and exercise, yoga etc. are the source of generation. So come on do the task just for your self. All the Images And Video Links taken just for reference purpose: Image Flickr: Link1, Link2, Link3 Link4, Link5, Link6, Link7, Link8, Link9, Link10, Author: Ashish Bordiya

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