A Victorian Christmas Postcard

By Joseph Crisalli: I can’t make out the year on the postmark, but I’d say this postcard was mailed in the early 1900s. It has all the hallmarks of an Edwardian Christmas postcard with nods to the past and “the future.” Father Christmas is, instead of a sleigh, driving a roadster. It’s loaded with toys, but, I’ll bet you
can guess which of them is the reason I have this card. Yup. There he is! Playing the cymbals. It’s our Mr. Punch. Punch and Santa, it seems, have a long history together. It’s really quite a lovely card, beautifully printed and embossed. And, the Christmas wish from Anna, whoever she was, is just as pleasant now as when she sent it to friends in Omaha. Source: Stalking the Belle Époque

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