How Kar Yi L: Apply Blush, Bronzer, and Highlighter

By Kar Yi L: No, I did not get multicolored tribal tattoos all over my face. I just want to share how I normally apply bronzer, blush, and highlight! The diagram above should be self explanatory. The brown spots indicate areas where I apply bronzer, the pink is where I apply blush, and the cream is where I apply highlight. Easy, right?   If you have the right tools (i.e. brushes), applying makeup becomes a lot easier and the end result usually turns out better. My current face brush staples are the blush brush from Ecotools, the high definition angled blush brush from Walmart (made by Paris Presents), and the stippling and contour brushes from Real Techniques. The duo sided Essence of Beauty brush with the angled side with white hairs and the small contour side with black hairs is also very nice although I wish the hairs were a tiny but softer. A key tip to keep in mind, especially when applying blush and bronzer, is to build up the color gradually. I prefer to gently dab my brush into the product and tap off any excess powder before applying the brush to my face. That way, I can use as little product as possible on my face. It is better to build up color rather than to apply too much on the first swipe. It can be incredibly difficult to remove excess makeup that has already been blended into the skin. If I accidentally over apply, I simply use afluffy powder or kabuki brush to dust excess off the color. From my experience, blush is the most flattering when it is on the outermost region of your cheeks when you are looking straight ahead. Blush applied too close to the center of the face and near to the nose makes the skin seem red and irritated. I like to keep the center of my face bright and luminous so I avoid placing blush there. Similarly, highlight should be kept toward the sides of the face so that the inner part of your face does not appear shiny or oily. Don't feel the need to apply all three types of products all the time. In fact, I rarely wear bronzer, blush, and highlight altogether on any given day. Sometimes I'll opt for a bronzer and shimmery blush which acts as a highlighting product as well. On lazy days I might opt for just a blush or maybe nothing at all. It's important to realize what you want to be on your face and to not simply follow every tutorial word for word. It's makeup, have fun with it! Watch the video below if you're interested in seeing how I apply bronzer, blush, and highlight step by step! Source: Article

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