Hair loss - Get Your Hair Back

Hair loss in men and women is a common problem. However this problem has been experienced over the years and still a few of the victims have learnt to deal with it. The hair loss is experienced in baldness for example in men. There has been various ways of dealing with the problem including the ones that require surgery or hair transplantation. The following are some of the remedies of the hair loss you may have been experiencing. One can opt to rub the head with the scalp of his hand immediately from the cold shower either in the evening or at night. This makes the scalp to react along with the heat produced from the head hence in the long run it makes the sebaceous glands become more active hence initiate the blood to circulate around the area of hair loss making the hair to grow. For some, you can also apply a mixture of honey, hot olive oil and some cinnamon powder and apply the paste on the affected part of the hair. Application of coconut milk and aloe Vera can also help in fighting the loss of hair that leads to the formation of a scalp. With the usage of this oil for about four times a week, the results are awesome more so after washing with warm water after the application. The scalp can also be prevented by rubbing it with an uncooked egg yolk. This is applied around the scalp and left for about an hour before it is clean-washed with warm water. In the quest to finding a long term solution to preventing baldness, it is also advisable to apply olive oil every time you go to sleep and cover your head properly before you wash it the following day. To enable your hair grow properly, you can also apply a mixture of sage tea and apple cider vinegar. This assists the hair to start growing. For the case of patchy baldness, onions are considered helpful as you rub the onion on the affected areas at least every morning and evening. This should be followed by rubbing the area with honey. Boiled rosemary leaves are also a very important way of fighting loss of hair. This is done by first boiling the rosemary leaves and straining the liquid into a bottle. The squeezed liquid is the one to be used in washing the hair at least every day. A mixture of rosemary, lemon juice, egg yolk and olive oil can also be used as a very effective way of controlling baldness. Seeds of lime and pepper can be used a remedy to controlling patchy baldness by grinding the two together forming a fine paste. The paste is then applied on the affected parts to increase more blood flow to the area stimulating hair growth. The paste should be applied at least in the morning and evening each day. Myrtle leaves are very helpful in controlling hair loss. This is done by grinding the leaves and putting them in water for one night then clean hair around the affected area. There is also another type of paste that can be used in fighting the loss of hair. This paste is made from ground pieces in milk with some saffron then applying it every time before one goes to sleep. All the above remedies work differently on people, therefore you are advised to find out the most effective remedy to your baldness and apply it. With the effective remedy to hair loss, you are assured of a natural hair growth thus maintaining the original and natural hair. Source: Health&Vitality News

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