Careful Watching TV Can Cause Disease

Tips For More Health: WASHINGTON | SURYA Online - Research shows that those who spend long hours in front of the television at greater risk of death, diabetes and heart disease. In fact, with regular watch television for two hours a day can have a significant impact on health. Every day, people in the United States spent an average of 5 hours to sit on the can both glass screen, while the Australians and some Europeans spend on average between 3.5 to 4 hours a day. These data are presented by experts from the Harvard School of Public Health. "The message is simple. Reduce time watching TV is an important way to reduce sedentary habits and reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease, "said Frank Hu, one of the researchers. He added that the person sitting in front of the television is not only a lack of exercise, but also tend to eat unhealthy foods. "The combination of sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diet and obesity is creating 'perfect breeding area" for type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, "he explained. This is not the first study linking TV watching with disease duration. Many studies have found a strong association between television viewing with obesity, and a report in 2007 found that TV viewing time associated with high blood pressure and obesity of children. Other studies in the same year found that children with overweight category who watch food commercials tend to double their food intake. For the purposes of this latest study, Hu and his team reviewed eight studies that examined the relationship between television viewing and disease duration. The study, published in "Journal of the American Medical Association" that involves more than 200,000 people within 7 to 10 years. Hu and his colleagues found, for every two hours a day watching television, the risk of diabetes increased 20 percent, while the risk of heart disease rose 15 percent. Watch television two hours every day can also increase the risk of death by 13 percent. Based on these findings, Hu and his team estimated that between 100,000 people, limiting television viewing time to 2 hours could prevent 176 new cases of diabetes, 38 cases of fatal cardiovascular disease, and 104 premature deaths every year. Researchers cautioned, the results of this research does not necessarily prove that watching TV is the only factor that increases the risk of disease. "It is true that among those who watched a lot of those watching TV in less time, have a difference especially in terms of diet and physical activity level," Hu said. He added that those who avidly watch TV tend to eat unhygienic food. Unhealthy diet and laziness is also a result of prolonged television watching. So the research that explains how large the adverse impact of the habit of sitting for hours. Source: Tips For More Health

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