Identify a man from his body language

Body language plays an important role to hide and show the desires of any person. By gestures one can guess a personality of any human. The body language of man helps a woman to understand what a man wants from woman. What he feels for a woman. Here in this article we are giving some tips that help to women to understand what a man thinks about her: If a man is standing near you and watching you but when you watch him he starts to watch somewhere else and again starts to watch you when you are concentrating to some other work. It shows that he has an interest in you and wants to talk you. Eyebrow flash also gives a signal of his interest in you. While talking to you if his eyebrows rise up it means he has a keen interest in you. If he starts him blush and fluster it means he is trying to flirt you. Show of his muscles also is a sign that he wants to impress you. If he tucked off his chest buttons and fold his sleeves up to shoulder or try some other method to show his muscles understand that he tries to impress you. In hotel s, resorts or in some other public place he does some funny activities or speak loudly to get attention of yours. Image Link Flickr, Source: Medley News

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