The best labels for your style

1. If  you are body-shy you shall love fall’s drapes: Drapes are very helpful to scan the body charmingly and multiple signs are hidden in drapes. We belong to that country which has culture of wearing sari. There are so many new styles and versions of drapes are available in the market. 2. If you are into performance look at the season’s best single pieces: Select the accessories of this season with style, pick for affected but relaxed statement-makers. The pieces with view of ‘notice-me’ are found in exceptional colors or with inflections that fascinate responsiveness. Before choosing these stuff keep in mind your body shape. 3. If you are commanded for an evening out there’s nothing better than sequins and shine: Something glossy good quantity is need of every girl. Wearing a fully sequined maxi or glossy tunic is not bad idea in this season.4. If you like to keep it cultural try modern cuts for a fresh feel: Beautiful prints, dyes and weaves are the identity of Indian costumes. Try these classical items on some modern day tunics and enjoy to wear Indian and contemporary costumes. 5. If you are a lover of color opt for fall’s jewel tones: Try to play with colors heroically. Selection of a bright color with a delicious, dark velvet jacket and use of metallic accessories will suit to your personality. 6. If you favor girlish- keep it fun, floaty and flirtations: If you are thinking the fashion of frocks and frills are old fashioned then you are in big mistake and look the trend in the market again. Floaty and summer outlines are also in trend for this season. Bright feminine blouse with blazer and collection of edgy accessories will give you a stylish look. 7.  If you are lover of stun- up the raise with some hard metal: The seasons of autumn and winter were used gold chains, all kinds of hardware to present a rock-‘n’-roll jewelries. This season try some classic outlines with a rush of metallic embroidery. 8. If you love of prints- make them ethnic and animal: Try some wild wears in this season. This will definitely give you a sexy look. Outlines in fittings and oversized with wild prints and having in solid colors will give a good impact on your personality. 9. If you are a working girl-pick tailored jackets and fitted shapes: In the corporate sector you can enhance your personality by using light, dark, closed or open jackets. 10. If you are less-is-more girl – keep things clean and straight this season: Clean lines and well-designed shapes have made a good balance of dress for those who love fancy and froufrou. You can use this with favorite jewelry, bags and shoes. 11. If you are fond of jewelry- mix accessories up with beautiful, jazzy and eccentric faux. In this season, faux are considered as the best ornaments. Faux are available in many shapes. You can choose style of very classic as well as modern. They are available in all metals and stones. Source: Medley NewsImage:

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