Efficacy of Ginger

Tips For More Healthy: Ginger, is more than just a spice kitchen, because it proved efficacious repel a variety of diseases. Even NASA, has attracted examine the efficacy of ginger to overcome the hangover of the crew. No one knows the exact origins aka ginger plant Zingiber officinale has been known as medicinal herbs that since hundreds of years ago. In China, dried ginger has been used as a raw material for medicine by a physician who lived at the time of Emperor Shen Nong, who lived 2000 years BC. In China also found two of the first medical book discusses the properties of fresh ginger in the year 500 AD. In addition to the country's bamboo curtain, which is rumored to have known ginger 2000 BC is India. Western countries that use too much ginger as traditional medicine. At least that was evidenced by the discussion of efficacy of ginger plant that is written in the anglo Saxon medical books published in the 11th century. Two centuries later, Ginger is the spice of the kitchen which is very popular in the UK, after the black pepper. Price herbs is also when it is exorbitant, to gain 1 pound (half kilo) of ginger, has to spend an equivalent amount for seekoor bunch of sheep.MEDICAL HISTORY In China, fresh ginger is considered different from dry ginger. There is even an ancient plant expert who thought the ginger comes from two different plants. Healers often use fresh ginger to ward off 'cold' or 'poison' and reduce nausea. While dried ginger in use to cure deficiencies 'chill' on stomach pain, abdominal pain, diarrhea, cough and
rheumatism. In India fresh ginger is also used to treat nausea, asthma, cough and severe pain and sudden, are also used to cope with heart palpitations, indigestion, decreased appetite and rheumatism and even, in the 19th century, ginger juice to cure asthma and cough that popular in India. For cough medicine, ginger juice is mixed fresh garlic juice and honey, while to relieve nausea, fresh ginger add a little honey and a pinch of roasted peacock feathers. Fresh ginger powder can also be mixed with some water, then stir in paste form and applied to the temples to relieve headaches. Most Europeans drink ginger tea to overcome digestive disorders. A research says that drinking two or three cups full of the ginger can reduce the symptoms of gout (arthritis due to excess uric acid), flatulence or indigestion (from too much booze). In addition, ginger also has properties facilitate the circulation of blood. LATEST RESEARCH Modern researchers turned out to members supporting the use of 'traditional herb' is ginger. From the research, ginger extract, either from fresh ginger and dried ginger, efficacious in dealing with bacterial infections, fungal infections, seizures, pain, wounds and gastric disorders, tumors, cramps and allergic reactions. Ginger extract is based on rigorous standards of gingerol, which extracts do not lose flavor and aroma of ginger sharp. Research on animal experiments in mice that did in China and the State - Western States, showed that fresh ginger is effective to relieve pain and infection. Experiments in vitro (laboratory) showed that ginger inhibits oxidation (are antioxidants) that can reduce the risk of cancer, and also inhibit the growth of germs. Ginger is also beneficial for blood circulation. Plant rhizome has a property anticoagulant (anti blood clotting), which is more powerful than garlic or onion. Ginger is also able to lower cholesterol because it can reduce the absorption of cholesterol in the blood and liver. Research conducted by experts in Japan show that ginger can lower blood pressure by reducing peripheral blood flow rate (flow drah edge). The experts also anyone try ginger to treat migraine. This test encouraged ayurvedic therapies to treat disorders of the nervous system. Efficacy of ginger as a migraine drug it still needs further study. In most cases preferred ginger research to determine their effect on digestion. In the land of China, the results of research conducted terhdap humans showed that a drink made of fresh ginger can reduce gastric acid secretion for several hours. Then increased again after some time. Other research states that dried ginger root aakan strengthen the stomach, small intestine and prevents vomiting. Recent research shows acetone and methanol extracts from ginger has a strong effect to inhibit the occurrence of stomach ulcers. Other studies show that gingerol able to overcome the affect toxicity (poisoning) in the liver by increasing bile acid. Source: Tips For More Healthy

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