Riding the tortoise

Magpie & Whiskeyjack, By Minouette: Riding the tortoise, Virginia Frances Sterrett, illustration for Old'
French Fairy Tales (1920) by the Contesse de Segur (via50watts). The story illustrated is that of Blondine, a princess lost in a forest due to the actions of her wicked step-mother, where amongst other adventures,
she meets a great tortoise who offers her protection and to lead her out of the woods so long as she will sit on her back silently, without asking a single question, for six months. Another French fairytale has a princess who rides a tortoise- Babiole, but only when she has been cursed and turned into a
'A Monkey Riding on a Tortoise' (1821) by Katsushika Hokusai
(well-educated) monkey. Which makes me think of Monkey, Sun Wukong riding the giant tortoise during his epic Journey to the West, and then I am reminded that I promised you more of Awazu's turtles, some time ago. Here are but a few:
'QUARTIER PARCO -A' (1973), Advertizing Poster, Silk-screen by Kiyoshi Awazu
(1978) Public postet, offset, by Kiyoshi Awazu
(1980) Public postet, offset, by Kiyoshi Awazu
(1975) by Kiyoshi Awazu 

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