The world's most romantic destinations

In this world couples want to have more and more romantic trips with their buddies but sometime they get confused to choose the best romantic destination. So here we have brought some of world’s best romantic destinations for the romantic couples. Sch√∂nbrunn Palace, Vienna , Austria it comes on the top among the topper list of romantic destinations. It is best for lovers and this palace has inspired poets, writers and painters. It has 1,441-room imperial building and grounds that drag back to the 16th century. Paris, France this is the most romantic location for love birds it is known as Luxembourg Gardens. It has a quality to push the humans near it. Agra, India, it is a monument in white marble and it is popularly known as a place for romantic couple because it was made in the memory of a beautiful queen. It is beautifully designed and a lot of tourists and people from overseas visit here and enjoy. Alhambra, Granada, Spain, this place was constructed in 14th century by a Muslim dynasty. It was rediscovered in 19th century now it is restored. London, Great Britain, looks great when you go up and say your partner that 3 magic words, amazing experience. It has ignited a lot of couple’s romance. San Francisco, California San Francisco what we should say about it is dearth of heart stopping place. Here anyone can take a beautiful experience its best part is the art museum. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada it is salubrious for everyone as it’s water waves are charming when anyone goes at Vancouver, definitely ignites the romance. Verona, Italy it is a place where many of love stories converted into a heavenly life. It is best for smitten lovers and it attracts the many of couples form whole world. Bourbon Street, New Orleans, USA it is a historical street and full of dynamism. It has complete store of strip bars, restaurants as well as gay nightclubs. Australia – The Whitsundays, it is a group of island in Australia. It is a largest Whitsundays island and a haunt for honeymooners. Source: Medley News , Image:, 

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