3Diet benefits of coconut water

coconut water 2
Many of us are unaware that the control of one’s own diet can do wonders.Health and fitness with natural food is good practice of balancing one’s own diet.what I am talking about is knowing which food to take when can save us from falling into illeness. Nutritional deficiency can lead into variety of problems. Coconut is not new to anybody. This tree grows everywhere. Almost everyone uses coconut in one way or the other.Dry coconut (kernal) is used to extract edible oil andvarious preparations.dry or the raw coconut also used in preparation of delicious sambar chicken or mutton curry etc. Now my topic is not on this but on Delicious Teder coconut water. How many of us think about having a glass of tender coconut water when we feel thirsty? I think very a few of us do that instead we have beverages like coke,pepsi etc.How many of us think about having coconut water is so benificial to health. I feel a very countable people do that. Some people also claim that it helps in reducing weight quickly.This water has a property of antiaging too.It also gives good calories when taken during fatigue.One more interesting thing of this water is that it has no fat and consists of natural sugars and minerals. It is also rich in fibremagnesium and potassium content So why wait if this is available in your area let have it Source: Health TopicImage: flickr.com

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