Beard Styles for men

Beard can also change the appearance of face look. It increases your personality and makes you different from others. As many boys watch some other to have bearded and they try to adapt the same. But it is not necessary that a beard suits to one will also suit to you. Beard shape depends on the face’s shape. There are so many different type of beard that you can choose and apply to your face. The trim beard is in fashion and liked by many women. A man looks matured by keeping trimmed beard. Goatee beard is also popular. It is also called as French cut beard. This beard gives a unique identity to your personality. It makes you unique from rest. It is the best option to hide wrinkles on your chin. Handle Bar Moustache: This style is adopted by the guys whose have commanding personalities. Most of the army officers can be seen in this style. The wrestlers also keep such types of moustache. This type of moustache helps them to increase the confidence level. So, keeping beard is not a sign of rough personality these days. Go to a reputed salon and consult your barber and enjoy keeping the beard that suits to your face. Tips to maintain a beard: (1) The first thing when you are planning to keep a beard, it should be very clear that what the appearance you want for your face. See yourself in the mirror with keeping the idea to grow a beard. The beard should be according to your face shape. Before keeping a beard make sure that the beard will suit to your face or not.(2) If you are planning to keep a beard, stop shaving. I know, it is very easy to say, but difficult in practice. If you allow yourself to stop shave and let the beard to grow in full grace, it will help you to lot in selection of style. (3) Re-examine your face after weeks and weeks. Two weeks are more than enough. The disassembled beard on face can lost your face appearance in the beginning, but keep patience. Once you have full beard, then consult to beard parlor and go for proper style. (4) When you will re-examine your face, you can find the areas where hair grows more and best. These can be in the form of chest hair or sparse cheek growth. Re-examination of face will help to recognize the strengths and shape of hair. (5) Now there is time to give a shape to beard. Now you can go to the reputed beard parlor and consult with him that what type of beard will be suited to your face. It all depends upon your cheek growth, face shape, chin shape and also on mustache. (6) After selecting a style, allow the beard to grow with open mind. Thus by choosing the above mentioned tips, you can fulfill the dream to grow and maintain a beard, which make your appearance attractive. Source: Medley NewsImage:

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