Create portable device to relieve migraine

By Cena, Create portable device to relieve migraine A new portable handheld device that sends magnetic pulses to the back of the head, could function as non-invasive and non-pharmacologicalmigraine patients. Experiments carried out previously focused on much larger devices and expensive that could be used exclusively in hospitals, but this new device has a mechanism to use at home easily. Scientists at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, tested the safety and efficacy of the device, in an experiment involving 200 volunteers, half of whom also received a placebo treatment. The experiment showed that 40% of patients had no pain after two hours of using the device and found that did not cause any serious side effects. Transcranial magnetic therapy did not cause symptoms of nausea and photophobia or phonophobia. This new device could be a promise for the treatment of migraine, it reduces the progression of seizures in some individuals, the authors, who also suggested it might benefit especially those patients in whom the current drug treatment is ineffective , is poorly tolerated or contraindicated. The study results were published in The Lancet Neurology. Source: Forum Human Health

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