Love is good for health

By Cena, Although it sounds funny or weird, studies and experiments have demonstrated a closerelationship between health and love. It has been shown that the bonds offriendship, love and affection, enhance health and happiness. Some of the benefits of love on health are: improving attention, motivation and memory. There is a significant reduction in anxiety, stress and depression. Strengthens the immune system, dispels wrinkles and low levels of hypertension. Here are some findings that relate to health and love: 

  • (1) Strengthens the immune system. Biochemical reactions experienced by the body of a person when being in love help improve health and help to "strengthen the immune system," according to experts. With love our quality of life is better and tend to get sick less, and that negative feelings are outweighed by the positive and our body works better. 
  • (2) Influences on the rapid recovery. We have seen that sick people who have someone to love them and watch for them, have a faster recovery than patients who have no affection from anyone. (3) Improves quality of life. We are more likely to get sick and depressed when we have problems and we are alone. However, the love we prolong life. Being loved makes problems feel lighter with the support of others.  
  • (4) Energy and stress. According to experts, the emotional well it feels like to be able to give love and helping others makes people feel more energy and fighting stress. 
  • (5) A feeling of great comfort. From the endocrinological point of view, love brings change for the better. As Jesus says Dr. Rocca, Ricardo Palma Clinic, "the first thing you are beta releases endorphins that trigger when you're in love, and are responsible for the feeling of great comfort.  (6) Love rejuvenates. "The hormones, the nervous system and skin, forming a narrow triangle, so the separation of estrogen in women improves hair, nails, skin," says Sandro Tucto dermatologist. 
  • (7) Fewer doctor visits. Another study found that couples who have spent more time together, make fewer doctor visits. The psychiatrist Enrique Galli said that "stable relationships get colds less than singles, while elderly couples suffer less pain than the lonely elderly. This is due to segregation of hormones that allow for greater resistance to pain. " 
  • (8) Making love, health benefits. Keeping sexually active and safe, influences our physical and emotional state is very important to our overall health. It is scientifically proven that people who frequently make love, get sick less and are happier. The list of health benefits that are attributed to sex as therapeutic activity include: well-being, improves self-esteem, makes you look younger, is a natural pain reliever, improves interpersonal relationships, reduces snoring, strengthens immune system, increases energy, relieves symptoms of depression, anxiety and psychosomatic disorders. So now you know, since love helps heal, self-medication is recommended a good dose of love every day to live healthy and happy. Source: Forum Human HealthImage:

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