Portrait of Mademoiselle Taglioni, 1830

Marie Taglioni, After Alfred Edward Chalon, 1830, The Victoria & Albert Museum
The famed dancer Taglioni stands on the tips of her toes, en pointe, in this beautiful print from 1830. Though the technique of performing en pointe had developed in the 1820s,Taglioni was the first ballet dancer to develop the method as an expression of character, not simply as a mere technical trick. Standing against a
blue background, Taglioni’s costume was clearly inspired by Indian fashions which have been simplified for a British audience. This print was said to be Marie Taglioni's favorite image of herself. It was published both in Paris and in London in 1830. The painter was Alfred Edward Chalon and Richard James Lane acted as lithographer.  Source: Stalking the Belle

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