An artistic journey from New Delhi to Beijing

Bharat Singh (R) and his younger sister Gurjinder pose with Bharat's "Prayer for World Peace" placed at their studio in Songzhuang, Beijing [Photo by Zhang Junmian/]
Bharat Singh and his younger sister Gurjinder are busy creating a whale protection-themed statue.
Molding of the stainless steel art work" Love", which portrays two dolphines dancing around a mermaid, will be completed at the end of July. "Next month, we will bring it to the Ulsan International Whale Sculpture Exhibition in South Korea," said Bharat from the duo's B&G Art Studio in Songzhuang, Beijing, the largest art zone in both China and the world. "This work depicts the harmonious relations between human and nature, and we hope it can help arouse the public's awareness of wildlife protection," said Bharat, who has lived in Beijing for 13 years and is
Gurjinder's "Childhood Dreams" [Photo provided to]
fluent in Chinese. Ulsan will be one of the 60-plus large-scaled art exhibitions Bharat has participated in since the 1990s. The sibling duo's sculpture work, which are mostly bronze figures in the round showcasing the power of love, life, friendship, music and kindness, always easily touch and captivate a large number of spectators when they are unveiled at different sculpture exhibitions around Asia, everywhere from India to China to South Korea to Malaysia. Their works have also been acquired by
Bharat and Gurjinder are busy creating a whale protection-themed statue [Photo provided to]
museums, galleriesand private collectors around the world includingthe U.S., the U.K., Japan, Canada, Spain and the aforementioned Asian countries. Around China, their work has been featured prominently in Beijing, Harbin, Changchun, Datong, Qingdao, Xiamen, Xuzhou and Foshan. From New Delhi to Beijing
Bharat's "Waves of Music" [Photo provided to]
The two promising sculptors, who are also well-versed in oil painting, took similar paths to the art world. Bharat, a fiercely-mustached but gentle man, fell in love with Beijing at first sight when he arrived in 2000 via a Chinese Government Scholarship. Before his journey to China, he graduated from College of Art, Delhi, where he received his BA and MA degrees in fine arts, in 1996 and 1999, respectively. Bharat was the final student of Professor Qian Shaowu, a well-established Chinese sculptor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. Bharat received his Ph.D from the Central Academy this summer. Bharat said that
Bharat's "Sweet Memories" [Photo provided to] 
he has always had great interest in both Indian and Chinese cultures, as the two are among the four oldest civilizations in the world. "I think I should draw on the strong points of the two cultures, and I believe, only in the Eastern culture can my artistic creation flourish and bear juicy fruits," said Bharat. "I love India, and I also love China. Beijing is like my second home."Source:, Gurjinder also graduated from College of Art, Delhi, where she received her BFA and MFA degrees, in sculpture, in 2001 and 2004, respectively. She then came to Beijing via Chinese Government Scholarship in 2008 after
Bharat (L), his professor Qian Shaowu (C) and Gurjinder [Photo provided to]
getting her MFA in painting at Jiwaji University. She obtained her third MFA degree from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing this summer, and will start her PH.D research there this September. Like Bharat, Gurjinder fell in love with Chinese culture and is enthralled by the rapid development of Chinese contemporary arts. "I will stay here with Bharat, and create more excellent works to make Chinese cities more beautiful," said Gurjinder, who is also fluent in Chinese. The brother and sister lead a colorful life in
Bharat and Gurjinder pose with embassy officers in front of Gurjinder's work at the National Museum of China in Beijing [Photo provided to]
China. The siblings appeared in the 2011 Chinese hit TV series "Xia Nan Yang," on which Gurjinder played the hostess of a hotel in Malaysia, and Bharat appeared as a guest. Love, yoga and Bharat's "huge bare feet" Bharat, who developed his interest in drawing and art when he was five years old, hopes to be Qian's best student. His sculptures usually depict green figures with a very concise and simple
Bharat at the set of "Xia Nan Yang" with Chinese actor Zhang Guoli [Photo provided to]
outward appearance. Females often have huge bare feet and excessively strong legs, which Bharat said are often used to inspire viewers to dwell on the relations between individuals, between individuals and nature and between individuals and society. The artist believes that the key to all conflicts and social problems is love and virtue. His belief is demonstrated in his works such as "Unlimited Desire," the
Bharat's "Unlimited Desire" [Photo provided to]
"Together" series, "Prayer for World Peace", "Friendship Above All," "Waves of Music" and "Sweet Memories". Explaining how large feet relate to such concepts, Bharat invoked yoga. "The practice of yoga began some 5,000 years ago in India, and we have practiced it since we were kids. In meditation, we feel our bodies become lighter and brisker starting from the feet upwards," said Bharat. Bharat said, "I
Bharat's oil painting "Hope" [Photo by Zhang Junmian/]
like green, because it's the color of nature, and in our traditional culture, human co-exists with nature in a harmonious way." Love, childhood memories and Gurjinder's romantic style In her personal statement, Gurjinder writes: "My art works are always very simple compositions of my memories, dreams and desires. My childhood was filled with countless memorable moments that I would love to relive. By the development of cities, living situations are changed, families are changed, relations are changed. Day by day society is changing and day by day I am missing more and more, those beautiful passed days and
Gurjinder's "Monsoon Days" [Photo provided to]
its wonderful unforgettable moments."Gurjinder said she relives her childhood through her statues, which depict joyful scenes from her past, like as playing with mud, making paper-boats, playing on the swings, family gatherings, picnics and traditional festival celebrations. Source:, Her works, such as "Freedom," "Towards Temple," "Monsoon Days," the "Childhood Memories" series and "Mother's Moon," convey love, warmth and delight of life in an unaffected and idyllic way. They reflect the artist's hopes of preserving traditional cultural values, her pursuit of happiness and her thoughts on the social development that is changing so much in both China and India. She also calls for peace and love in some works such
Gurjinder's "Freedom" [Photo provided to]
as "Goddess of Peace" and "World Peace."Gurjinder's sculpture works are mostly in cuprine, while her paintings feature harmoniously bright colors. She even boldly blends traditional Chinese elements, such as "one-tile" hair style for kids and Chinese "Qipao" into her works. What we want: simple life and better works Bharat and Gurjinder love artistic creation. They hope they will always be able to push creative
Bharat's "Friendship Above All" [Photo provided to]
boundaries and, hopefully, bring joy to others with their art. The brother and sisters duo have never thought that taking art as their life career means an arduous road. They just enjoy it, and may continue work for many hours without any rest. They often forget to eat and go to bed in time when they are engaged in creation. The suffering is worth it, however, when the final work is completed, Gurjinder said,
Gurjinder's "Towards Temple" [Photo by Zhang Junmian/]
who has  been suffering back pain from her long hours sitting. Bharat said he believes that artistic works shouldn't be done in a rush and they have never considered mass producing their work. "Artists should always maintain [their] independence and freedom in creation. Those who lose themselves in the market will end up as workman and businessman," said Bharat."What we want is very simple -- Live in a simple way, and create more outstanding statues for different cities in China, as well as in other countries," Bharat said. Source:

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