UK: New food pack keeps fresh for twice as long

Fresh Plaza: British scientists have developed revolutionary packaging that will help to keep fruit and vegetables fresh for twice as long as is currently the case. The new film slows down the decay of fresh produce, extending the best before date. The new packaging will first be used on Jersey potatoes in Asda and Tesco and is expected to dramatically reduce wastage. Both the supermarkets are already looking at other produce they can pack in the new film. What's more the new packaging, called EVAP, developed by

the Yorkshire company of the same name, is fully compost-able and bio-degradeable. The packaging works by releasing the gases responsible for ripening, and eventually decay. Once the gases are released, instead of staying with the fruit, the development of mould is prevented. The film is made from plant extracts and includes natural UV filters which reduce the effect of light on the breakdown of the produce inside the pack. EVAP was trialled with strawberries and raspberries and comparisons were made with conventionally wrapped fruit. Those in the conventional packaging developed mould far faster than those in the new wrapping. Statistics suggest that the average family in the UK wastes in the region of £700 worth of food per year, or one fifth of what is taken into the home. Most of thsi is fruit and vegetables and other produce. It is hoped that the development of EVAP will curtail this somewhat. Source: Fresh Plaza

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