Vitamin C rich Lemon can fight cold and Flu

Many of us are aware that citrus fruits like lemon, sweet lime are rich in vitamin C. It is said in ayurvedic medicine that having lemon juice in the morning soon after brushing teeth will cleanse the digestive system and will boost the immunity. It is also said that it can relieve from the infectious diseases. Lemon also said to have antimicrobial and anti viral properties. if one is prone for flu and common cold taking a glass of juice first thing in the morning will be beneficial. The aroma of this juice gives good fresh feeling. A glass of warm juice after a heavy oily dinner in the night or afternoon will help in digestion. This is my personal experience.I used to suffer from common cold. I was told by one of friends that will help in boosting the immunity. Now I take first thing in the morning and I find a considerable amount of difference. Just try this and experience yourself  Image Link Photobucket, Source: Health Topic

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