Okra: virtually unknown vegetable with fantastic effects

Okra is a virtually unknown vegetable, but the following list of five facts about this vegetable make it clear that it should be on people's shopping lists more often. Okra can be eaten raw, cooked or grilled. 
  • 1. Okra prevents diabetes: Okra has many beneficial effects, and promotes human health. One of it's many benefits is that it can prevent diabetes due to it's high fibre content. 
  • 2. Okra fights asthma: Okra has also been a proven remedy for asthma and is therefore often used to combat this disease. People with asthma should mix Okra into their food as often as possible. 
  • 3. Okra protects against obesity: Cooked or raw it does not matter: people who eat Okra often protect themselves against obesity since this vegetable contains almost all the nutrients a person needs. 
  • 4. Okra promotes clear skin: Okra is good for your skin; the vegetable has a high vitamin C content, vitamin C is a known skin boosting nutrient. 
  • 5. Okra is good for your hair: Okra has a particularly positive effect on hair. When it is used in the form of a rinse, it gives hair a very natural shine. 
Source: Fresh PlazaImage: flickr.com

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