The changing wardrobe of Indian brides

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By Gautam Gupta: Wedding season is almost around the corner and the couples to be are already on the prowl for their perfect attires. And it may not be strictly a lehenga, Manish Malhotra notwithstanding. Lately, brides to be are showing a growing penchant for gowns. Sure, the status of a lehenga or a sari is unbeatable, but brides are trying out new variations in their dressing, not just focusing on their mother-in-laws and embellished attires. This has opened the floor for international designers and their floor sweeping dressing and ball gowns, made to size. So, either you’re a no fuss bride or a destination bride, remember there’s not only one way to the altar these days. Let’s look at a few possible scenarios... The setting is a resplendent garden and a free spirited bride is all set to entertain a classy evening party where the candles are lit and the air smells just as pretty as her fragrance. The bride dons a sculptural ballgown, but as the evening passes by, she is seen walking barefoot on grass, letting her hair down with a glass of wine in her hand. Yes, you can find such a bride in India too. You may spot an understated bride at the wedding brunch at her simple best. Her sartorial picks are tinged with playfulness: say a monochromatic palette with gushing ruffles and glints of silver, to play just right. With themed based cocktail parties being the rage, quite naturally neo-Gatsby brides have become the order of the day: wearing a black dress — yes, a black — with layered sheer sleeves and glittery gold paillettes. And guess what, an Indian bride these days does not hesitate to forego jewellery on that memorable evening. Scenario number two: the wanna be Bollywood siren who makes heads turn as she sashays into the hall with utter sophistication and grace. The romantic bride might go for a corset and a chic gown with elongated ruffles. Providing brownie points are those lustrous waves and wine-hued lips. At her elegant dinner do, she displays her fabulous taste and choices. Embracing the dark side of the moon in colours of navy, indigo or even cobalt, she focuses more on sobre tone jazzing it up with sequins and embroidery. Everybody wants a destination wedding now and it might include even a party by the pool. Be it when the moon rises or till the moon rises, a great party to remember with her friends is a must. A 90’s slip dress silhouette, dazzling gold hue makes making it an icing on the cake. The brides to be are now fierce and becoming more daring. Four decades ago, the society hardly thought about the extravagant wedding events that has now become a trend, even a compulsion for some. No one is complaining, especially not the business players or retailers. No, not even the lehenga peddlers. For they know that the traditional Indian market will never disappoint them. As far as bridal wear is concerned, the more the merrier. (The writer is a Delhi-based fashion designer) Source:,  Image:

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