Vitamin E rich peanuts are healthy for lowering LDL

We all want to be healthy and fit but how many of us are aware of the Food and nutrition facts? If one gets awareness as what to eat, I think we can still lead a healthy life without the help of a doctor. If one is careful to choose his/her daily diet most of the nutrition deficiency problems can be overcome. I am little choosy of what I eat .I always prefer a fruit after my meals be it after breakfast or lunch. I think most of us do that. My question is how many of us practice it? We all slog to earn money; want to lead a luxurious life without taking care of ones health. Is not it quite strange. Yes it is. Better you take care. Now this blog post is about the health benefits of Peanut. How many of us are really aware that these nuts can do wonders if one includes in his diet? They are enriched with vitamins .They do not cost you much. Anybody can afford to have it. We get them in different forms. Some are coated and fried with masala, some others are just roasted. Some also are found in chocolates. Roasted are the best ones. Peanuts are rich in vitamin E, protein, and manganese and folate niacin. They are needed for the smooth functioning of the body.Resveratrol, a phenolic anti-oxidant found in grapes also found in peanut. These are also rich in monounsaturated fats (good fat) which also can help lowering low density lipoproteins (bad cholesterol). These nuts are also rich in fibre that are good for the smooth functioning of the bowels.So have it daily as a part of your diet  Note: Some people may be allergic to peanut just be careful. Health Topic

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