2012 Mrs. International Pageant: married and beautiful

Конкурс красоты «Мисс Татарстан - 2010»
By Vasily Sushko: It was a festive two days during the 2012 Mrs. International Pageant, which took place over the weekend at the Northshore Center for the Performing Arts in Chicago. Now it’s 23rd year when the competition continues to be one of the few beauty pageants that is open to only married women. After two days of activities that included dancing, answering questions and showing off clothing, ranging from sportswear to formalwear, the competition narrowed down to just 16 contestants out of 55. Among them was the Russian native from Kazan, Alisa Tulinina. Alisa Tulinina spoke to the Voice of Russia prior to the competition, and explained what this competition meant for her."First and foremost, I am very proud to be representing Russia in the 23rd Annual Mrs. International Beauty Pageant. It means so much for me to represent Russia and my hometown of Kazan, to be here and to participate. I am having so much fun despite the difficulty of the language barrier, as no one here speaks Russian. I appreciate support I have gotten from my family and my country. It is truly an honor". Tags: beauty, beauty contest, World, Russia, Society, Opinion & Analysis, Читать далее, Source: Voice of Russia

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