Eat to Beat Stress!

Stress can Greatly Affect Body & Mind
Stress!! Another Modern Day's Disease! Do you know that prolonged periods of stress can affect our mind, body and our behavior immensely! It can cause migraine,depression and anxiety, muscular pains, insomnia, loss of appetite, hypertension, heart attacks & strokes, and also lowers immunity. Eating a diet rich in vital nutrients and exercise can help fight stressful times. Long periods of stress rob the body of nutrients such as vitamin B6, vitamin C, zinc, magnesium and carbohydrates, leading to fatigue and lethargy. It is important to replenish these nutrients by eating a diet high in these vital nutrients.Eating meals good in carbohydrates (wheat, rice, pasta, bread, potatoes & pulses), triggers brain neurotransmitter called, serotonin, which is known to calm the mind. Consuming diet high in B vitaminsyields energy and helps to maintain a healthy central nervous system. Eating whole grain cereals, pulses, green vegetables, dairy products, curd, eggs, sea food & dry fruits would compensate for the loss of this nutrient. To improve body’s defense mechanism include foods rich invitamin C, such as, black currants, citrus fruits and fresh green vegetables. Eating fibrous food eases cramps & constipation, a common problem faced during stressful condition.Having food high in Zinc (like dairy products, egg yolk, whole graincereals, liver, sea food) boosts the body's immunity and promotes wound healing. Magnesium, found in green vegetables, wheatgerm, wholegrain cereals, nuts, pulses, sesame seeds & figs, help assist muscle contraction & transmission of the nerve impulse. To overcome stress, reduce intake of chocolates,
Eat Healthy Diet and Exercise Regularly!
coffee, tea, alcohol & tobacco as these stimulate the feeling of anxiety. Also, cut down on the consumption of foods high in sugar and fat.Regular exercise, yoga, deep breathing exercises and meditation help reduce stress to a great deal. Learn to relax and overcome physical, intellectual and social challenges. Indulge yourself in activities like walking, gardening, sports, listening to your favorite music, reading good books, etc. Try to nurture a positive attitude towards life. Take a break from work & spend time with your family & friends. Talking your problems over with a professional councilor can be of great help as well! Stop Stressing, Start Living :) Source: HerbHealth

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