Quality and price more important for Europeans than origin and brand

For citizens of the member states of the European Union, quality and price are the most important factors when deciding to buy a product or not. More than half of Europeans trust that their country or the EU will be able to continue to produce enough food. This is clear from the inquiry by Eurobarometer amongst 26,500 people of 15 years or older in the 17 member states of the European Union. Quality of food is the most important factor when buying with 96% of respondents. In second place with 91% is the price. After that follow origin of the product with 71% and the brand with 47%. Two thirds are interested in quality labels. Of
the consumers questioned 56% announce that they are not too worried by the question whether in their country sufficient food is produced and 57% does not doubt the food security on the European level. Nevertheless 81% is of the opinion, that the European Union should become less dependent on the import of food for the food supply. The attitude towards agriculture is extremely positive. 81% is of the opinion that agriculture is favourable for the living environment, 86% is of the opinion that the sector assists in a beautiful landscape and 89% believe that agriculture assist in protecting the quality of life in the country. Source: Fresh Plaza

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