Cure Common Health Problems with Amla(Indian Gooseberry)

Indian Gooseberry: A doctor in your backyard!
Since time immemorial, Amla or Indian Gooseberry (Emblica officinalis) of the Euphorbiaceae family has been used in treating various health-related problems. The plant is reputed to have therapeutic & medicinal role owing to its antidiarrhoeal, aphrodisiac, antispasmodic, antioxidative, astringent, carminative, diuretic, expectorant and laxative properties. Amla has high vitamin C content, as well as rich in tannins and other polyphenols. Animal studies prove ameliorative effects of amla extract against diseases such as cancer, diabetes & rheumatoid arthritis. Find here some of the time tested natural remedies with amla for curing common health problems:  

  • (1) Prepare a mixture of powdered amla fruit (2 tbsp) with Isubgol husk (2 tbsp), harra fruits (1 1/2 tbsp), kalinga bark (1 tbsp) and swarnamukhi leaves (2 tbsp). At bedtime, administer a tbsp of the same for curing Indigestion & Constipation. 
  • (2) Powder dry amla fruits. Add a pinch of asafetida & rock salt to it. Take a tsp of the mixture with lukewarm water after meals to treat Acidity. 
  • (3) For Throat infection, mix powdered amla (1 tbsp) with mulethi roots (3 tbsp), pipli fruits (1 tbsp), harra fruits (1 tbsp), kungyi roots (1 tbsp) and bahera fruits (1 tbsp). One tsp of the same can be administered twice daily with water. 
  • (4) For Skin disorders, mix powdered amla fruits (1 tbsp) with neem bark (1tbsp) and a pinch of turmeric. Apply a paste of this preparation over the affected skin. To enhance Immunity, drink a tsp of the amla powder with water every day.Soak 2tbsp of powdered amla and reetha fruits overnight. Next morning, use it for hair wash toStrengthen the hair roots and make hair healthy. 
  • (5) To cure Insomnia, drink a cup of amla juice with nutmeg powder everyday. 
  • (6) Prepare a mixture of powdered amla fruit (1 tbsp), pipli fruits (1 tbsp), kantakari whole plant (1tbsp),ashwagandha roots (1 tbsp), harra fruits (1 tbsp), bahera fruits (1 tbsp), kachur roots (1 tbsp) & eranda roots (1 tbsp). Take a tsp of this formulation everyday before meals to cure Joint inflammations & Arthritis. 
  • (7) Mix a tbsp of amla fruit juice in a cup of fresh bitter gourd juice. Have it daily for 2 months to control Diabetes. 
  • (8) Prepare a mixture of powdered amla (1 tbsp), gokshura fruits (2 tbsp), harra fruits (2 tbsp) and ginger roots (1 tbsp). A tbsp of the mixture can be taken with warm water after meals to Control Weight. Source: HerbHealtH

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