Health Benefits of Ashoka (Saraca indica)

Ashoka or Saraca indica, has been used to treat variousdisorders since centuries following great Ayurvedic texts. Health benefits of Ashoka are as follows: *Diabetes – Dried flowers of Ashoka are used for diabetes treatment. *Dysentery – For treatment of dysentery, decoction is used. Fluid extract of Ashoka flowers is used to treat hemorrhagic dysentery. This fluid is prepared by grinding its flowers with water. The extract is taken in the doses of 15 to 60 drops. *Piles – Bark of the tree is used for cure of internal piles. Decoction prepared from bark is used to cure piles. *Insect Bite – The bark of the tree is used to treat scorpion bite. *Skin – The bark of the tree is used for enhancing complexion. *Blood Purification – Ashoka is used to prepare Ayurvedic tonics to purify blood. *Worm Infestation – The leaves and bark are used to get rid of worms in stomach. *gynecological disorders– The bark of the tree is used to cure excessive loss of blood during menstruation in presence of leucorrhea,uterine fibroids and other reasons. The bark is taken as a decoction and used as a substitute for a dried fungus, Ergot used to cure the uterine hemorrhgaes. Source: HerbHealth

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