Want to know the best way to keep cool during heatwave?

A cup of tea with a cucumber sandwich tops the list of best foods to have during hot weather, researchers say. According to the researchers, however tempting ice creams may be, they will not work to beat the heat, the Daily Mail reported. Even water should be drunk at room temperature rather than ice cold during the hottest days of the year. While the British colonial favourite of cucumber sandwiches work best during summer, the crust free, white bread versions served in posh hotels and tea rooms, do not seem to work best. Food industry experts at the American Chemical Society annual meeting said that having them on whole wheat bread with a ‘slab’ of mayonnaise and sea salt on top works best. Fruit and vegetables with high water content are particularly good for hot weather, which includes cucumber but also watermelon and celery. Foods with grain are good for the body because they keep the body topped up with magnesium and calcium, preventing cramps in the heat. Source: Hindustan Times

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