Venice: City of Romance

Venice is recognised as being one of the most romantic cities in the world with its captivating labyrinth of winding canals, gondolas, and narrow streets for losing yourselves together. It is difficult to argue with this description with a feel as though people have been transported to a land they where can live out their fantasies, where everything is wonderful and filled with romance.
The Basilica di San Marco is a major tourist attraction in Venice. One of the oldest churches in the city, this basilica contains a high altar that is rumoured to hold some of the remains of St. Mark. This church is an incredible structure, with intricate designs and carvings, all covered in gold. It also features Venice’s symbol, the golden winged lion. 
The Piazza San Marco has been a rendezvous for Venetians and tourists since it was first constructed. The square is dominated by the Basilica, a clock tower, impressive buildings, fancy restaurants and shops. This is the perfect place to relax with a coffee and watch the world go by.
The Doge’s Palace dates back to the Renaissance period when it was used as a residence of the rulers of Venice. This really is a sight to behold, with its pink and white marble and beautiful arches. Today, it contains, a collection of the world’s greatest artworks by Bellini and many other famous artists. 
This unique city is a truly amazing place to see and wander around on foot. However, before boarding their flights from Venice, all tourists should take a gondola ride along the canals of Venice. This is the only way to truly experience the romance that this famous city invokes. Source: Icetrail

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