China’s Vegas:Macau becoming major tourist hub

Macau @ night
China’s Macau or Chinese enclave of Macau has become a major tourist destination in the South east Asia. The reason you will find glittering casinos, hotels and nightclubs in this destination. These all are enriched with the features of rich colonial past. The island of Macau is 60 km from Hong Kong. Its structure gives it to a unique look. The structure is a good view of natural landscape and architectural marvels. The island of Macau has structure of tall glass which stands against the background of green hills. While visit to Bangkok to Malaysia you will find the numbers of casinos, but these are only the casinos but have not any theme or character. In Macau you will find the mixture of ancient time and modern time culture. In Macau you can visit to 30 casinos. In all of casinos you will find the story of itscolonial heritage. This is the speciality of the casinos which make them different and unique from others. The island has a population of approximately 552,300 people and approximately 10.4 million of tourists travel every year. Macau is situated in the Southeast of China. It is situated along with two administrative regions. These two administrative regions are China and Hong Kong. One more speciality of this island is that it is considered as the first and last European colony in China. This was the place where Portuguese traders set their business in the 16th century. You can visit and watch the Portuguese colonies in the morning hours and spend your nights in the casinos. ‘City of Dreams’ is the latest addition to this island. It is an entertainment resort which is enriched with the facilities of accommodation, international dining, entertainment, and designer brand shopping under a single roof. COD is enriched with the assortment of all entertainment options like the hotels of Grand Hyatt, Hard Rock and Crown. The City of Dreams has the option for every age bar. For kids there is a kid city and Dragon’s Treasure. This is an audio video multimedia show that entertains your kids. Some other attractions for the kids are ‘The House of Dancing Water’. This gives an adventure of water games to the kids. For men there is casino, for women there are designer brand shopping stalls. It is one of the unique places in China and Hong Kong which is clubbed with all the facilities. There is enough space provided for the tourist as all the shops, cafes, casinos and restaurants are connected with corridors. December to February months is the best to visit this destination. To reach Macau, you have to reach Hong Kong first because there is not direct flight to Macau. From Hong Kong different transport tools are available for Macau. You can go to Macau from Hong Kong by helicopter. It takes 15 minutes to reach at Macau from Hong Kong and the cost of per person is 12,500 rupees. The currency used in Macau is Pataca. One Pataca is equivalent to five rupees according to Indian currency. If your budget does not allow you to take a helicopter ride, then you can select another option ferries. The cost for ferries is just rupees 700 per person. Some more attractions of Macau are Macau Tower, Macau Museum, A-Ma Temple. Ruins of St. Paul’s are the centre of attraction of this island. Source: Medley News 

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