Der Narresneider, 18th C

Der NarresneiderPrint, 18th Century, Crown Copyright, The Royal Collection , Image Courtesy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
This peculiar print is of unknown origin, but likely dates to the end of the Eighteenth Century. Since the myriad writing incorporated into the image is in Dutch and German, we can guess at its place of origin. The image shows a man being treated by a doctor. That’s not so strange. What is strange is that he’s tied to the wall and the doctor is about to cut off his ear. Hmmm… Furthermore, the doctor has the face of Mr. Punch. Luckily for the patient, Dr. Punchinello has been distracted by a woman who seems to indicate that she has a bump on her head. Since my German is quite bad and my Dutch is even worse, and, I can’t really make out what the text says, I’ll just let you decide what’s happening here. The print is part of the Royal Collection. Source: Stalking the Belle Époque

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