Best countries to be mom named in Mother’s Index released today

Finland, Sweden and Norway are named the best three places in the world to be a mother, according to a global survey released on Tuesday by the Save the Children Fund ahead of Mothers’ Day to be celebrated on the second Sunday of May. The charity has assessed 176 countries by a range of criteria: education, income, female political representation and the chances a mother and her baby will survive – and compiled the so-called Mother’s Index, where the three northern European countries have filled the three top positions. Germany was placed on the ninth place, Australia – on the 10th, France – on the 16th, Ireland – on the 20th, Britain – on the 23rd . The United Stated has filled the 30th position. Democratic Republic of the Congo was named as the toughest place in the world to be a mom. According to yet another and new part of the annual global survey – the Birth Day Risk Index, yearly 1 million babies die on the day they are born, making the first day of their life the most dangerous day. It has turned out that the US has more first-day deaths than the rest of the industrialized world combined. In some US counties the first-day death rate is similar to the one common for the developing world, where the rate is as high as 98 percent. The report indicates child mortality has decreased from 12 million annual deaths in 1990ies to under 7 million. However, the new-born death rate, on the whole, has remained on the same level, it adds. The main culprits for the high child mortality figures are prematurity, birth complications and severe infections, the report says. Voice of Russia,, The Independent, Source: The Voice Of Russia

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