Great Ways to Start Your Day

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The way you spend your morning can add a certain flavor to the rest of your day. Here are  some  
healthy lifestyle habits to incorporate into your morning routine that can leave you better able to handle the stress you .experience. Try one or several, and experiment until you find what suites you for a healthy lifestyle. Morning walk has so many health benefits, the stress management benefits are just gravy! A morning walk can get yo ready for a refreshing and energetic day, helps you sleep better at night, keeps a check on weight and reduces the risk of numerous other health conditions Eating a balanced breakfast can balance your blood sugar levels and give you the sustenance needed to handle day to day mental and physical stress. Be sure to have plenty  of  protein  and
fruit, not just caffeine and empty calories! Remember, breakfast is the most important meal of the day without which one can be more resilient both mentally and physically! Therefore, do not skip! Stretch in the shower! The hot water loosens up the muscles and makes it easier to get a good stretch. The act of stretching will help to release stored tension and enable you to start the day feeling more relaxed, at peace, and ready to handle what comes your way! Sipping a warm cup of Green tea is a soothing activity that will help you prepare for the day ahead and feel nurtured. Green tea is loaded with antioxidants, that keeps up the immune system and maintains healthy weight and helps to cope up with stress and anxiety. Put on some music and start your day! Music therapy has been shown to reduce stress and have a positive effect on health and mood! Listening to music as you get ready and start your day will create a sense of peace and well being. Music can
compliment other healthy lifestyle habits, adding rhythm to your brisk walk, peace to your yoga workouts, leisure to your showers and stimulates your mindas you write! Drink plenty of water everyday! Drinking at least 3-4 liters of water daily keeps your body hydrated, puts a check on weight, keeps constipation at bay by improving body metabolism, and makes skin look younger and glowing!,  Source: HerbHealtImage:

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