Malaysian Musings–In Kuala Lumpur

By Lakshmi: What makes a trip special ? Is it a memory or a moment ? For me, its always a tinge of
My Photonostalgia and sometimes a trip down memory lane makes some moments special. It was a special feeling when I landed in Kuala Lumpur, a couple of months ago. It brought back memories of two different trips – my first visit to Malaysia when more than two decades ago, which was also my first trip abroad. And the second was even more special – a trip that the husband and I made to this country more than a decade ago ; the first of many international trips that we made together. So loaded with memories, every lane, every monument, every statue seemed familiar and brought back a smile. The Twin Towers looked down at me,  as I remembered the first time I had ever set eyes on them in wonder. The beer tankard standing in front of the Royal Selangor Pewter Centre smiled at me as I
posed in front of it . Many years ago , I had taken a picture here in front of this largest beer mug in the world that has entered the Guiness Book . As I looked at  the curios here, I remembered the little pink toed elephant resting in front of a coconut tree , lying on my shelf – the first ever pewter curio that I picked
up twenty years ago. Plates and beer mugs were bought and gifted then. Sudden rains lashed upon us, as we entered the Baatu Caves. I made my way up , recollecting the first time I climbed the 200 odd
steps, only to be more fascinated by a man carrying an iguana than the dark cave.This time the cave was lit as devotees and tourists prayed to the Tamil God, Muruga. The iguana man was not there but I found
several eateries had sprouted around here . A decade ago, I found just a couple of small eateries which served us hot masala dosas. I met a compatriot who had moved from Chennai (Madras) recently and he
said that a mini Mylapore – TNagar was nestled here. Later in the evening, as we reached our hotel and I put pen to paper, jotting down the moments of the day, I realized that were all a fusion of memories.  Source: Backpacker

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