International Aeronautics Festival: Ballooning over an ancient Russian city

The International Aeronautics Festival of balloonists started in Pereslavl-Zalessky on Thursday. The Voice of Russia correspondent Margarita Oshun flew on board a balloon, and she was amazed by the landscape of the ancient Russian city below.
The residents of the ancient Russian city of Pereslavl-Zalessky have already got used to enjoying the parade of large balloons flying in the sky. Ballooning fans are happy that they get an opportunity get a bird’s-eye view of the city, and they spend millions of rubles to buy cloth, gas cylinders and the trailers
that transport the basket, burners, fans and other things. In fact, almost one kilometer-long fire-proof piece of cloth is necessary to tailor one aerostat. Eleven experienced pilots are taking part in the festival, says its organizer Anna Grushevich. They take from 3 to 4 people on board. We fly only during the safe period
of time, from 6.00 am to 8.00 pm. The altitude is limited to 800 meters. We meet and contact each other, and watch the spectacular performances, 11 balloons in flight. While passengers on board at an altitude of 80 to 800 meters, pilots don’t have time to relax. They must land as close as they can to the target, a white cross set by the first balloon that started the flight 3 minutes ahead of others. The ballooners
describe this as “hare hunting” in their sport-slang. The possibility for manoeuvers is quite restricted because the craft flies downwind. In short, the pilot watches the target with one eye and the altitude indicator with the other. Using this indicator, the pilot avoids a possible collision with the neighboring balloons. If a balloon touches a cupola, it’s not dangerous, says President of the Aeronautics Federation
of the Yaroslavl region, Dmitry Koryakin, explaining the safety measures. But it’s very dangerous if the basket of the balloon collides with a cupola and the cloth tears. Then the craft can rapidly fall, he adds. Once a burner went out of order, says another pilot Pavel Kholod. As a result the balloon ceased to get
hot air. And I started losing altitude swiftly. ground, I did not lose self-control, and managed to land safely, he added. Once I landed in a fir tree, Dmitry Koryakin said. My friend landed in a pasture. I fly in the sky
to relax my mind from everything earthy, says to Dmitry Koryakin, explaining his hobby. Everything means the fuss on the while peace, calm and tranquility - in the sky, he says. After the flight a ceremonyof inaugurating newcomers ballooning is held. A Champaign according bottle is opened and a title of Nikolai Pereslavl-Zalessky is presented, to the place where they landed. Margarita OshunSource: Voice Of Russia

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