‘Fitness helps you be positive’

Singer Sophie Choudry teaches us how to gorge on rasmalai, tiramisu and the like and still stay fit as a fiddle!: HEALTH FIRST: Sophie Choudry with her trainer
Manpriya Singh: Her Whatsapp status reads ‘Stay Positive, Stay Grateful’, a state of mind she first and foremost aims at achieving through fitness. A certain size, a certain shape, figures and numbers can come later. Sophie Choudry truly believes, “Fitness helps you be positive in life.” Former MTV VJ and singer gets all candid on her sugar cravings, fitness routine, sleep patterns and much more.
  • Fitness as she knows it...For the past three years, I have been working out with the amazing fitness guru Yasmin Karachiwala and over the past two years we have only focused on Pilates, an exercise form I swear by! It is perfect for strength, flexibility and above all for someone like me who had to recover from two slipped discs! I feel fitter than ever. Thanks to Yasmin, Pilates and my Physio Hemakshi, I could perform the way I did in Jhalak in spite of my previous injuries! I also do some cardio in the form of treadmill or elliptical even for 20 minutes every time I go to the gym.
  • Gym all the way: Absolutely! My day feels incomplete if I don’t workout but I’m someone who needs a personal trainer.
  • Diet... through the day: My morning begins with a glass of warm water! Fortunately for me, I enjoy healthy food. I don’t really like fried or oily food, I don’t eat rotis very often either. Recently, I have become pretty much gluten-free; something I never thought was possible. Breakfast is some papaya followed by either egg white omelette or oats porridge with full fat milk and cranberries. And a coffee cup without sugar. Around midday I have a glass of narial paani and a handful of nuts. Lunch is always some grilled chicken and a salad usually with avocados. We also have some baked sweet potato. On my vegetarian days I have a quinoa patty and a salad. And if it’s desi food then some rice, dal and a couple of sabzis. At 5.30 pm, most people tend to crave for naughty foods. I have a tea without sugar and either some roasted makhanas or a protein truffle. Dinner is by 8 pm and it’s usually a soup and some veggies or my new favourite is brown rice with some vegetable and maybe a few pieces of chicken. I have green tea at least once a day. At any point if I feel hungry, I have a fruit like an orange or apple or something seasonal. I make sure I never starve or go for long periods without eating!
  • Absolute morning person: I have always been a morning person! No matter what time I sleep I am up before 8 am even if I have slept at 4 am. Nonetheless, being in Mumbai and in my line of work, one has to be a night person as well because shows, appearances, even shoots happen at night. I’m flexible to be honest but if I’m home, I’m in bed by 12.30 am latest.
  • Bring it on: That is my weakest point. I have a huge sweet tooth and love everything from tiramisu to rasmalai. I have learnt to have sweets in measure. On my show days, I eat as much sweet as I like because performing live for up to 2 hours needs a lot of energy. On other days, if I really crave sweet I have very dark chocolate and if I go out, I share a dessert with a friend.
  • Fitness Vs figure: Fitness isn’t about being skinny, it’s about being healthy. You get fit because you want to lead a healthy life and look good too. Consistency is the key. No point working out like a crazy person for a week and then not working out for rest of the month. Make fitness a part of your lifestyle and make it fun. Trust me, you will look and feel better about everything in life.
  • The body basics: I truly believe fitness helps you be positive in life. Eating healthy is good for you on the inside and helps you look better on the outside. Don’t deprive yourself or do anything extreme. Just be sensible and consistent and you will be fit forever! And remember life is short so once in a while it’s ok to cheat! manpriya@tribunemail.com ‘Source: http://www.tribuneindia.com/’

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