Monsoon Makeup Tips

Makeup Spot: Make-up in the monsoon for eternity at risk, smeared, if you leave the house. You need a special type of make-up refer to withstand wet conditions, yet seem elegant. In the dense monsoon make-up an opportunity to be smeared and washed out severely and so light and simple make-up is smarter. Use waterproof mascara, transfer-resistant lipsticks and waterproof liners and may even use waterproof foundation, if it is necessary for you. Makeup base is provided by the foundation. If you can not do without it, nothing is better than that. If necessary, apply as little as possible. If you refer cream foundation, it will melt easily with water. Powder foundations are like that again. The powder is even higher. Not concern the excess powder, but they use careful, because if it is wet and sickly pale appearance offers. During the monsoon, you can waterproof mascara, waterproof eyeliner, lipstick, foundation and not waterproof waterproof as well, if you can not live, it is missing. Do not put oil or gel in your hair, like a few different mix with water. Monsoon or no monsoon, should be less than enough, so it does not cover your natural beauty. The care of eye makeup is more evident in the monsoon that many spent hours in the proper application eye shadow, mascara and liner, and they begin to fade in water. It can also be caused by humid air. It should be used increasingly instead of carbon as coal eyeliner can water for a long time to resist. Keep away from eye shadow and apply creamy powder eye shadow. Lip Makeup for the monsoon should be small and austere. It should not be intrusive. To do this, you can obviously use lip gloss. You can tell them several times a day, stay in sight. You can also try a few shades of nude lipstick that will last longer. Monsoon Makeup Tips:  (1) Soon as the starting point of makeup, do not rub your face and be clean in order to reduce sweat, ice for 5 to 10 minutes. It will remain on the makeup longer. (2)  Use no foundation and just before the start of the little powder composition for the monsoon. (3) Keep your hair easily and effortlessly. Elaborate hairstyles are not easy to manage and restore and limp damp hair do not seem well with them. You can use bangs and layered hairstyles instead. (4)  Wash your hair again and massage your scalp and dandruff other hair problems are often out of their way. (5) Completely avoid the use of bases and powder instead.(6) Always keep in proper shape eyebrows with thread and if rain does not use eyebrow pencil.(7) Non-oil hair think take the oil, moisture when the hair is wet. There is no effort in this way. It stinks.(8) Do not wear denim. Should wear capri pants, light cotton fabrics.Source: Makeup Spot

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