Makeup Tips For Women Who Wear Eyeglasses or Contact Lenses

Women who wear glasses have difficulties when it comes to makeup. Depending on whether it is short-sighted or long sighted, their eyes bigger or smaller than they really are, look through the optical glass. In addition, absorbing colored contact lenses and non-reflective glass, the color and make the eyes paler than they should. For some women, the problem is that they are only a blurred image in the mirror when they remove glasses and contact lenses are not a good solution for everyone. Some of these problems can not be solved. Optometrists are now offering special make-up glasses, including glass, such as wings can move - up, down or sideways. With these glasses, one eye is open for make-up, while another focus of the research through the glass. The problem of the eye that can lead to big or too small, looks can be solved with a few tips: - Insight woman must ensure that his eyes are not too large, so that make-up in this case, an eye shadow and black eyeliner good to be a great solution. Dark, but in this case does not like black eyeliner terms. Rich Brown, dark blue or dark green, midnight to have a better effect. It is very important that clairvoyant woman applying mascara to the upper lashes only, so that the eye does not look so round. In addition, the eye can extend emphasis on the outer edge. - In short-sighted women have the opposite problem. Their eyes are small in the glasses. They are using light, pastel eye shadow. Color white or beige eyeliner should be used around the inner corner of the eye as to lighten that the eyes are optically. Mascara is uniformly applied to the upper and lower lashes to create the effect of the crowns. And larger in this way visually eyes. You should avoid, however, a well-defined contour line below the eye. A lid must be clearly defined by the stress of the fold. All women who wear glasses must "dive" in her vanity case with makeup, because they absorb all non-reflective lenses, the color, so that you lose make up an attractive face can expressiveness. This could be improved with a clear contrast makeup. Glasses create shadows on the face, but they can be covered. Deprivation in the eyes usually occur as a discoloration of the skin that can be covered with a cream color. This cream should be fan-shaped, easy to accomplish under the eye to a better surface brightness seemingly innocuous above. Finally, women who wear glasses should be aware that they automatically draw attention to the eyebrows. So be sure to regularly snatch bushy eyebrows, and eyebrows that are too thin whit an eyebrow pencil to fill. Must change in color, which may be approximately the same as the hair color. - For women who wear contact lenses, the situation is somewhat simpler. You can still see clearly increase their reflection in the mirror and not visually or out to take care of their eyes. Their main problem is that their composition is not in the lens, because the smallest amount which penetrates the eye between the lens and causes the tears. It would be better to use cream or liquid foundation instead of powder. In addition, women should be especially careful to wear contact lenses, if they put eyeliner on the lower edge of the eye. Source: Makeup Spot

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