Pierre Dukan, When you are in love you can live with only water

A man behind perfect shapes of Penelope Cruz and Jennifer Lopez – Pierre Dukan claims he has made 15 million women thin. His 4-stage diet is booming among the gourmets worldwide. The Voice of Russia caught up with the French slimming guru, as he is in Moscow to share his expertise. Dukan admitted he is not gastronomically sinless and is himself a follower of his diet – and even unveiled his preferences among the fair sex.
(1) Monsieur Dukan, what is your diet? Do you stick to any rules in eating? Are you following what your family eats? I do myself exactly what I said, but not to lose weight, to stabilize my weight. When I put on weight during vacation, during Christmas, for example, immediately after it I start the first phase of my diet – protein and vegetables. And in a few days everything is away. My son is 28, and my daughter is 24. For them it’s the same. Of course, they like everyone else eat sugar, but they have a pattern of dieting, that is correct. And if you have a basic pattern you can make exceptions. But you must have something solid, and then you are free, you can go everywhere. (2) And what is your favorite dish? My  preference is couscous. I love couscous. Well-done… that! Three-four times a year, but I love  
that I love Moroccan one. Let’s talk about normal weight and beauty standards. They have changed – for example, in the 1960s, in the 1970s, the women used to be plumper, and it was considered to be beautiful. (3) What do you think about that? It depends on the country, on the civilization, on the culture, on the religion, but now, with the globalization – the planet is small now and with the communications growing it appears to be something standard. And you know how every star in the world looks like. They look similar. And models – the same. When I go to China or to Brazil, women want to be thin. But it’s not always good to be thin. It’s nice to have pulp. It’s not necessary that everyone is the same. We must have diversity. People like man tall or small, women large or thin. You must in the first place respect your nature and harmony. Sometimes it’s better for somebody to be pulpous, and sometimes it’s better for you to be thin. It  depends on your morphology, your bones and your charm. You can have better results of seduction with pulp, than being thin. Sometimes it’s not very good. (4) And what about you? What are your preferences? My preferences go to the women who are curved. I don’t like the model prototype – very, very thin, without contrast of shape. I love shapes on women, even on the face. That’s very nice. Every shape is in the nature. But it’s not good to have a dictatorship of the shape, because it’s very difficult. If you are not meant for that saying ‘you must be like that’ is a frustration. "(5) Have you ever received letters full of anger from some clients saying ‘I tried, but it didn’t help’? Any complains form dissatisfied clients about your diet? People are not dissatisfied. Sometimes they can’t do it because life is difficult, but they know that it comes from them, not from me. If you follow the diet, normally you lose weight. It’s not possible, it’s not normal. We have physiology, and if we respect physiology, we lose weight. And sometimes you feel guilty, by yourself, because you say ‘I can’t resist to an ice-cream’ etc. It depends on the life. If you have lots of stress, discomfort, difficulties, you can be tempted to make lapses. In France, we say: “If you are in love, you can live with only water.” It’s a proverb. And we don’t need anything else. We are full of satisfaction and fulfillment. Thank you, it was a pleasure talking to you. Thank you, it was a pleasure. Source: Voice of RussiaSource: flickr.com

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